Obscura Hail

Toured 29 November to 7 December 2019


Obscura Hail is the nightly routine of song writing with hast, driven by an irrational fear of memory loss, and enabled by access to a plethora of ad-hoc recording equipment. The somewhat serious themes of ontology, existentialism, love and loss are framed with sincerity by the lush, but gentle classical guitar work, and the motif of almost whispered, though richly layered vocal harmonies.

Conceived on NSW’s south coast, and now buried alive somewhere in Melbourne, Obscura Hail are sneaking into Melbourne’s intimate spaces and filling strangers with relative truths. A commitment to the craft has culminated in consistently fresh compositions, drip fed weekly via Patreon, nearing its 170th volume. The latest albums, ‘Loose Tooth’ and 'Pallbearer' were self-produced and warmly received, with more diverse live instrumentation to reflect the ever thickening arrangement and prepare for the material in stasis; ‘Zero’.  

Recently performing alongside Kele Okereke (Bloc Party), Aldous Harding, Julia Jacklin and Cam Avery (Tame Impala, Pond), and appearing at By The Meadow Festival and Changes Festival, Obscura Hail will tour Australia's East coast in celebration of the 'Swear Jar' single release this September.


Tour Dates

Friday, 29 Nov 2019
Low 302
with Motion Sickness & Okin Osan
Sunday, 1 Dec 2019
La La La's
with Bilby & Okin Osan & Yen Strange
Friday, 6 Dec 2019
with Grand Pine
Saturday, 7 Dec 2019
with Alexander Biggs